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Evolution Education

About Us

An alternative education provisions offer an education pathway for students between the ages of 12 and 16 who need an alternative to mainstream.

The Centre follows a full-time school schedule and local school term times throughout the year.

Our unique model offers intense mentoring and support for young people with a dedicated mentor, teacher support and coach throughout their stay with us. They develop a strong relationship that provides a foundation from which the student can embark upon a positive cycle of achievement.

We use the beneficial effects of sport to empower our students, teach them to manage their anger, give them confidence in their learning and direct them towards further education, training or employment.

Evolution Education

Our Mission

To offer high quality alternative education pathways.

Our Vision

To help as many young people as possible become independent, resilient, happy and successful members of society.


100% Sports & Education Centre caters for students who are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education. It is our experience that these children require more support in education and without this they become disengaged causing a cycle of exclusion, failure and low self-esteem. Our method is built around creating a secure, consistent and disciplined environment which will enable them to succeed.

The Key Principles of the 100% Sports & Education Centre that guide our actions are:
CONSISTENCY – Boundaries help children feel safe and learn.
CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Confrontation offer a chance to grow.
CONSEQUENCES – Take responsibility for your actions.
REWARDS – Learn to be successful one step at a time