In KS3 at 100%, we aim to ensure that all our students have opportunities to fulfil their potential and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to access appropriate qualifications at KS4.  Our curriculum allows flexibility to ensure we meet the needs of the students and contains a broad range of activities to develop the students social, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs.

At KS3, we recognise the importance of Literacy, Numeracy and Science. As a centre, we are committed to all students having the opportunity to complete a broad curriculum programme of study that prepares them sufficiently for KS4 study. English and Mathematics are taught 4 times a week and our vision is to create an environment in which all learners can make progress.  Students in Y9 have the opportunity where appropriate to gain Entry/L1 qualifications.

In PE, Art, Food and Drama, students are given the opportunity to develop life skills in order to lead healthy, productive lives.  They are taught the basic skills which will enable them to provide and understand the need for nutritious meals, take part in sport and health related exercise and show an appreciation of the arts.

The YLA supports students to become confident and resilient leaders, who develop a growth mindset, become independent thinkers and good communicators, and who have compassion and care for their communities. The Award has clear links to SMSC, Personal Development, SIAMS, PSHE, Citizenship, Character Education and British Values, as well as other cross-curricular links including Literacy and Numeracy.

The Emotional Well-Being of our students is paramount at KS3.  We recognise that supporting our students emotionally will help the students understand how to better regulate their feelings.  Students will have access to 1:1 support throughout the school week and all students have an emotional well-being lesson as part of their KS3 curriculum.  Topics covered include Anger management, empathy, reflection as well as how students can look after themselves better and topics such as sleep and healthy eating reinforce many of the life skills required for our students once they leave 100% (Post 16).  We also work to engage in whole school events such as charity weeks with fundraising and inclusion with the wider community ensuring we help build empathy and a well-rounded character for our students.

Enrichment activities are designed to develop and enhance students social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills and expose them to experiences they might not otherwise have access to.