When a new student has been referred to us by a school,
please complete the steps below.

1. Rapid Response form received by 100%.

Please copy and paste email below and attach the attachments, KS3 Induction letter, MPS Admissions Form, Reintegration Protocol and Referral Process. (Send this email to relevant school – contact details of school can be found on this page)

Subject: 100% Sports and Education – KS3 New Starters

Dear Colleague,

Your student (Insert student name) been referred to us through the rapid response panel. We have set a provisional start date of (Insert start date), I would like to come and visit the school to meet with yourself, the student and their parent/carer between 9.00am to 2:00pm on (Insert a date here). Our presentation will include a PowerPoint of the centre, expectations and a Q&A.

Kind regards,

(Insert your name here)

When a meeting has been scheduled with the school, student and parent,
the KS3 Induction Pack can be used.