Evolution Education

Evolution Education

Our Provision

The aim of the provision is to work with students who are at risk of permanent exclusion, or those who would benefit from support outside of the school setting, the family setting, and schools.The focus is to prevent permanent exclusions of young students who bring weapons into school at KS4, those who have behaviour issues, or students involved with gangs or county lines.
100% Sports & Education Centre is an attachment-aware alternative education provision.When young people have had adverse childhood experiences – abuse, neglect or any other trauma – it impedes both their emotional and physiological development as well as their brain capacity. The effects of trauma can be felt by experiencing it directly or by witnessing it with others. This inhibits their ability to cope with even the most simple requirements of the education system. All our staff are trained in attachment-awareness, trauma-informed practice and emotion coaching techniques and we use this approach to ensure that no young people are left behind.
The Key Adult: Mentors
Children with attachment difficulties need a key adult with whom they can build a trusting relationship. Secure attachment relationships correlate strongly with higher academic attainment, better self-regulation and social competence, helping them lay the foundation for success in their next stages of education and adult lives.Effective Practice: Boxing TrainingWe use daily Sports training to provide a non-stigmatising, skill-based intervention which successfully improves the wellbeing, academic success, resilience and life opportunities for children. It uses targeted physical and mental activities to teach core life skills, focussing on improving executive functions. Sessions similar to smart gym circuit training supports:
  • Attention and focus
  • Inner state control
  • Working memory
  • Relaxation and de-stress techniques
  • Teamwork and communication



Evolution Education

Careers Programme


Curriculum Intent – what is 100% aiming to achieve through its Careers Education curriculum?

  • To provide a broad, balanced, and impartial education in careers and future pathways that empowers students with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • To embed into the curriculum opportunities for students to develop and use employability skills that will allow them the flourish in the world of work.
  • To make links between subject areas and careers education to ensure that students see how their academic studies can link to future study and employment.
  • To help students develop into reflective individuals who are empowered to choose their own path through an awareness of their personal qualities and goals.
  • To give students the opportunity to grow their own networks and develop their cultural capital through careers activities and events which broaden their horizons.
  • To provide comprehensive and accessible careers provision which supports the needs of all students.
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to be fully prepared for their next stage of education whether they choose to go on to university, a college an apprenticeship.
  • To provide families with relevant information about future pathways that helps them support students in making choices about their future.

How 100% measures and assesses the impact of the careers provision on students. 

The impact of the Careers Provision at 100% is assessed regularly. The centre has a number of ways of doing this. 

We identify and analyse the destinations of our year 11 students taking in to account their prior attainment. 

For Year 11 we record pathways including: 

All Further Education choices including sixth form, college and apprenticeships. 

·      All students have accessed National Careers Service which is a free service which provides independent and impartial careers, pathways and destinations advice for parents, careers and students. 

·      All students have taken part in a ‘How to fill out a college application’ and are at various stages of completing applications.

·      Pupils are aiming to complete at least three college/apprenticeship application 


Career units and contents covered

Career Planning

  1. Be able to recognise suitable jobs or training opportunities
  2. Understand how to apply for jobs or training opportunities
  3. Be able to take part in an interview
  • Effective Teamwork Skills
  1. Understand the characteristics of an effective team
  2. Be able to take part in team activities 
  3. Be able to learn from experiences of teamwork to improve own performance
  • Digital Skills
  1. Understand e-safety 
  2. Understand appropriate online behaviour
  3. Understand uses of digital tools
  4. Be able to review own digital skills and identify areas for development
  • Managing Money
  1. Know about saving and borrowing options.
  2. Understand money matters in the world of work
  3. Understand the importance of own money management
  • Customer Experience
  1. Understand features of good customer experience
  2. Understand customer needs and how different organisations try to meet them
  3. Be able to review examples of customer servic

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