The Recovery Placement & Reintegration provision is for students who may benefit from a short period of time away from mainstream provision in order for them to reflect and to be equipped with support and strategies prior to return.


It is a placement with a fixed start and end dates. Placements may be for six weeks initially and subject to review.

KS3 Recovery Placement offers academic and vocational courses. There is a strong emphasis on English, mathematics and developing independent learning and work- related skills.

The aims of the key stage 3 curriculum are:

• To prepare students for a reintegration back into a mainstream school or other appropriate educational settings.

• To assess all pupils to identify additional needs & make appropriate and relevant referrals to support students on their return to school

• To give students an opportunity to address the reasons why they are no longer in their previous school & to demonstrate that they are in a position to return to a mainstream environment.

• To work with families to support their child’s education.